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Voices (continuation)

Pravin Music

Sounds that create inner silence

Music is called by Sufi "Food of the soul" (Giza-i Ruh). Being the highest of the arts, it raises the soul to the highest areas of the spirit. Being invisible itself, it rather reaches the areas of the invisible. Just as a diamond can break a diamond, musical vibrations serve to deprive the physical and mental vibrations and thus lift the soul.                                                  
                                                                                  Hazrat Inayat Khan

Online Concert 

The musicians prepared a wonderful oriental pattern woven from Tansen's raga, beautiful maqams, Sufi zikers and Omar Khayyam's poetry. All of this was embodied in the beautiful sounds of Indian bansuri, Armenian duduk, clarinet and the violin to the gentle spilling of tabla and guitar.

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Artist of dancing Sufi  - Elena Moskaleva
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