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Pavel Novikov

Pavel Novikov (Pravin) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist playing bansuri, duduk, kaval, Turkish ney, Turkish clarinet, Indian and Iranian santur, classical guitar, tabla, darbuka, vibraphone and other instruments.

Pavel started learning music by playing classical guitar and percussion instruments at the age of 7. After graduating from school he entered a music school in the class of percussion instruments. Then he studied classical European music in Saratov Conservatory (1993-97).

Performing various musical projects, Pavel also studied Asian folk wind instruments. He became increasingly interested in North Indian classical music (Hindustani) and after receiving a grant from the Indian government, he continued his studies in India at the Music University (Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra) in Delhi in 2001.

In Delhi Pavel met his teacher Harsh Vardan. As it is known in India - the teacher for life, who is still engaged in understanding the depths of the North Indian bansuri flute.

Pavel Novikov, having such a wide range of musical education, combines the traditions of Eastern and Western cultures at the highest professional level, for which he has repeatedly received international recognition.

As a musician and composer he has also worked fruitfully with such famous Russian musicians: Alexei Utkin, Igor Butman, Aidar Gainullin, Anatoly Gerasimov and Vladimir Chekasin.

He is a composer and performer of music for Konstantin Vikhrev-Smirnov's documentary "The Gift", Ivan Maximov's cartoon "The Tides Back and forth" and the cartoon "The Elephant in Heaven".

He also took part in recording music for the films Siberia Monamour and Elephant. Winner of the Young Performers Competition held as part of the "Jazz Manor - Best Performer" festival (Glass Brick Award) and the XIV International Jazz Province Festival.

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