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In the house of lovers the walls are made of songs, 

the floor - of dances and the music never stops.


Dear Friends, we would like to invite you to your musical journey through the ages and countries, towards your inner Spring... 

In our project you can find a mosaic of melodies of a wandering dervish who collects elements in one beautiful ornament of Life.

The concept of Sufi arose at a time when mankind was going through difficulties and peripetias. Man felt that his life and development in the outer world depended directly on his feeling of his/her true divine nature.

Fears enslave and constraint a man, prevents him/her from seeing the laws of the universe clearly. And fears could be overcome by truly opening up to the flow of life. It is possible only by drawing strength and wisdom from the inner Source.


Acquiring this fearlessness, a person finds the opportunity to use the inner Sail, not only a personal strength. The inner Sail is the power of blessing that comes from the Creator, a power like the wind in the Ocean. Step by step, the seeker learns the art of setting a Sail so that the grace of the Creator may guide him/her on his way.

A Sail is also the inner purity and gratitude of the traveler. If one realizes his/her spiritual poverty and the boundless beauty and immensity of the Creator just even for a moment, he/she becomes a "prisoner of the Way" forever.

The path of the dervish is a search for inner Music, which can be found in different traditions and in every person he/she meets. And it does not always open at once, there is a mystery in it.

Gradually, all these meetings with different people in different places are formed into an amazing ornament. And in this vision of the Whole man loses his fears and dissolves in the beauty of vibrations of the Creator, like a bee sinks in honey. In inexpressible music, with which the Creator awakens the worlds of His beings, the time for the Meeting is coming.


Let us meet in the Space of Heart Music, dear Friends! 

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